Kia Ora!

Welcome to Darryn Is, a place to check out some projects I have been working on and to learn a little about the things that Darryn is… (see what I did there).

Graphic Design

A Little about me

I am a FED web developer based in stunning Wanaka, New Zealand, and am lucky enough to be part of the awesome crew at Shopify leading a team of Plus Support Front End Developers.

I enjoy stroking my beard whilst thinking, brewing beer (then drinking said beer), snowboarding, watching films, and making punny jokes (Ha!).

I have over 10 years of experience in the Web Design industry doing Graphic Design, Web Development and project management. I have worked with many website platforms, including Harmony, Wordpress (gross), Siteleaf and Squarespace, but these days my focus is largely on Shopify (just because it’s awesome… and I work there).

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